Workshops for 2021 


Botanic Gardens Wellington 17 July

Working with Maritime Pine needles collected in the Wellington Botanic Garden, participants will learn

  • How to harvest, dry and store pine needles 

  • The items in a simple basketry tool kit

  • Basketry stitches

  • How to start, join materials in, shape and finish a coiled basket

  • Seal the finished basket with local beeswax







Sustainability Trust Wellington 9 and 23 October 

Arists Barbara Wheeler and Caroline O'Reilly share  skills to manage a conscious wardrobe, in which all garments are desirable and wearable. We want to share skills that give people agency to manage their wardrobes better in order to positively address the immense textiles and clothing waste challenge currently facing New Zealand and the planet.

These workshops will be presented as clinics where participants learn the skills of design, cutting, piecing, sewing (machine and hand), repair and creative visible mending and laundering so that each participant leaves with the confidence to maintain garments that

• fit well

• are maintained 

• function for the season

• are attractive and reflect personal style

Bookings through Sustainability Trust soon

Barbara Wheeler Coiled Pine Needle and T
Repurposed Icebreaker Jacket
Detail of Repurposed Icebreaker Jacket