Projects in 2021


Everything You Throw Away Has To Go Somewhere


The scale of the challenge to manage waste textiles and clothing in New Zealand, and indeed in every country on the planet, is immense. 



I am working with businesses and organisations in Wellington New Zealand to source waste textiles and clothing for use in a series of immense baskets.  Below is the current prototype basket using waste textiles from Wellington Curtain Bank


I am developing the Clothing Clinic workshops with Sustainability Trust in Wellington that will be presented on 9 and 23 October.  Half the bookings have been reserved for people under 25 and offer a reduced rate.

We will be addressing the barriers that prevent our clothes from being on high rotation in our wardrobes

  • do clothes fit

  • are they laundered sustainably

  • do they need mending or repair

  • how can items be restyled, updated or repurposed to make them desirable again

The skills that will be shared to maintain desirable and wearable clothes include design, cutting, piecing, sewing, creative visible mending and laundering.

Watch this space for details. I will also be posting updates from my Instagram and Facebook accounts.


9 October 

23 October 


I assisted with the editing of  Recommendations to the New Zealand Government from the Clothing and Textile Industry by Bernadette Casey and  Brian Johnston, Usefully, 2021

textile basket 2.jpg
textile basket 1.jpg