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Low Carbon Luxe

Low Carbon Luxe  is a group show I am curating  @ Corban Estate Arts Centre in west Auckland New Zealand 14 April to 29 May 2023.


Wellington artists Bernadette Casey (Usedfully)   Christine Brimer (Niche Textile Studio) and Barbara Wheeler (everythreadcounts) present their domestic tableaux of artisan homewares that showcase creative solutions to the textile waste dimension of climate change.  The works in the show intersect with environmental and social change, applying craftswomanship and design skills in wall, floor and utility weavings, macrame, sculptural basketry and quilting - reworking unwanted textiles and intentionally sourced fibres into new and desirable homewares that extract no more from mother earth.

Works by Barbara Wheeler

Macrame by Bernadette Casey (orphan fibre); Weaving by Christine Brimer (orphan fibres) ; Hooked Rug by Barbara Wheeler (Unwanted Textiles)

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