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A Change of Clothes

                    dressing for good


23 May - 18 July 2018 

The Link Ginninderry

Stockdill Drive

Holt, ACT

A Change of Clothes  was presented as an immersive experience. 


Audiences were invited to


Wrap up in the Wanderlust Quilt, Watch a short movie of barbara wheeler teaching a

natural dye workshop at Strathnairn Arts, Read about the true costs of cheap clothing and

Try on the garments 

Barbara's textiles practice is a local response to global fast fashion's pollution, exploitation and waste.  She engaged her

life long skills of tinkering, designing and making clothes to build a brand that offers sustainable clothing.  This exhibition invited people to think about the true cost of the clothes we wear and consider new options for how to dress.

                                                                 You may feel like a change of clothes





When it comes to shopping and wearing clothes our actions can change everything 


For the sake of the planet and the workers who make our clothes, its time to reconsider our passive role in global fast fashion

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